Initially, I wished to write a book that would articulate ideas about the places in which I dwelled, and how they affected me. Countries had distinct identities.
In 2020, the human race appears to be homogenised by social media and technologies that have desiccated its souls, while critical thinking is gradually becoming an absent commodity. Our brains have been placed in blenders and turned into smoothies. The question to my fellowmen and women is why have faceless rulers succeeded to manipulate us into submission? Why have we sacrificed our individuality? Why, instead of resisting the tendency for mindless consumption, we allowed the “body snatchers” to take over?
The average human being is a profoundly emotional creature. Jack Finney wrote the novel The Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1956, not suspecting that “pods” under the aegis of Apple, Amazon, Google and the mainstream media would duplicate us more effectively than outer space creatures. In his book, Jack Finney suggested that emotion is essential to our identity. I have moved from country to country, and the further removed I was from my place of origin, the stronger became the image of self-sufficiency to the extent that an individual resembled a robot, or rather, a character in “Brave New World”.
I watched, listened, and occasionally blended in. And in so doing, I realized that no matter where I would travel, I still have the DNA of my place of birth, and that this cannot be severed. So where is home, for even my own country of origin may be unrecognizable after decades of global changes?


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